The most complete Market Analytics, Pricing, Digital Shelf and Automations platform for brands and retailers.

The most complete Market Analytics, Pricing, Digital Shelf and Automations platform for brands and retailers.

Analytics, products and competitors monitoring, reports and dashboards, automations and alerts on changes of prices, promotions, marketplaces data, brand compilance, positions, digital shelf, reviews and more.

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What is flipflow?

We are a market intelligence and analytics platform that helps brands and retailers make better decisions, quickly respond to market changes and automate processes across multiple departments. All this thanks to our large amount of real-time data and a powerful customized BI tool with which you can set up your own reports and automations.


Monitor and analyze key data to optimize your online strategy

Learn about some of the flipflow modules and how they can help you exponentially increase your competitiveness and control.

Pricing analysis and monitoring

Monitor price changes and promotions to be more competitive. You will also have the data for making your own repricing rules and every piece of information about your competitors or sellers/retailers.

Stock control

Discover the actual offer for each product on any website, analyze it and automate alerts in case of a stockout or discover new markets or channels to enter and increase your sales and revenue.

Competitor monitoring

Have a clear vision of your global competitive situation relying on the data from all the websites you want. Also you can monitor equivalent products from your competition.

Contens and reviews control

Control titles, descriptions and images in addition to the ratings of your products. You are able to automate alerts when content, new reviews or average ratings are changing.

Position control and Digital Shelf

Be aware of your competitive position in any channel. Positions, Share of shelf, Brand Compilance and more data to know your and your competitor’s status.

Marketplace Monitoring

Monitor any product data from marketplaces like Amazon such as availability, price, stock, reviews, sellers and BuyBox ownership.

Google Shopping Monitoring

You will have the information on yours and your competitors’ products prices, availability and positionsin Shopping to carry out intelligent campaigns and optimize your bids to the maximum.

Automations and Alerts

You can schedule updated in real time reports to receive them periodically and set up alerts for changes in stock, price increase and decrease, position changes, reviews and more.

Analyze what you need: BI Data Explorer

Take full advantage of the huge amount of useful data and exploit it to carry out the analysis you need with our BI tool.

You will be able to reach conclusions about competitiveness and competition, have a much more real picture of your market, analyze any brand, your products and your competitors’ among many other things. You will have many prearranged reports that will give you the most significant information.

Also you can make your own custom reports and save it to keep it updated in real time or create your own Dashboards.

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“Flipflow allows our sales team to react fast to any market changes and deliver our offer across all channels having our references available in any postal code in Spain.”

“We have definitely noticed the improvement in control over our recommended prices. Manually it was impossible to maintain control and that brought us a lot of work. Now we automatically send notices to sellers who do not comply.”

“We can analyze our own movements along with the actions of our competition and really get to actions that have improved our billing by adjusting prices, Marketing campaigns and even SEO strategy with flipflow data”

“This is clearly the future of retail. The ability to see what each competitor was doing at every moment in the past and learn about their strategies along with our own data is priceless.”

“Flipflow is a key for us when it comes to daily pricing to keep our automatic repricing system going in a very competitive sector.”

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