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Analyze the market in real time with our platform. Monitor your distributors and competitors as well as brand positioning and trends. Make strategic decisions thanks to our leading technology to maximize your competitiveness, sales, margins and omnichannel image.

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Major brands and retailers around the world already trust in flipflow

Global retail has become complex and ultra-competitive.

But this represents a unique opportunity in history.

This market is growing steadily, resulting in a lack of control that can negatively affect your sales and undermine your competitiveness. What’s more, it has started to blend the physical and the digital, making everything a little more difficult.

However, this convergence means a unique occasion for companies in the industry, and we’re here to help you manage it.

Make the best business decisions

Ensure you make the best business decisions by monitoring distributors and competitors across the market in real time.

Avoid conflicts with your distributors

Monitor your distribution network and your sellers in real time to avoid any possible conflict.

Maximize your competitiveness

By tracking your competitors and performing the right actions you will maximize your level of competitiveness.

Achieve the best global brand presence

Perform the necessary actions to take control and optimize your image and brand position in all markets and points of sale.

Business Intelligence to analyze the global market in real time

Prices and Promotions Monitoring

The right data-driven pricing policy can result in very significant variations in sales.

Analyze trends, records, competitors and control distributors in real time to maximize your competitiveness.

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Maximize stock and assortment at store level

Inventory stock-outs and shortages at the point of sale can mean millions of sales not generated.

Control daily stock-outs, optimize assortments and maximize sellout and sales at store level.

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Control your position on digital shelves

Know your brand presence and visibility in each retailer vs. your competition. Even at store level.

Analyze and optimize product-by-product your share of search, share of voice, your positioning and that of your competitors.

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Control and audit all retail media

The next wave of advertising will account for 30% of advertising spend in the next 5 years. The gondola heads of digital.

Check the placements of your ads agreed with the sales outlets and also analyze the retail media strategies of your competitors.

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Monitoring of marketplaces and sellers

It is estimated that by 2027, 60% of global e-commerce sales will be through marketplaces.

Monitor sellers and Buy Box changes, positioning, ads, prices, stocks and contents. Improve your DTC sales and avoid unauthorized sellers.

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Get accurate, real-time market reports

Retail investment in traditional market research will exceed 100B by 2024.

Flipflow allows you to have higher quality information, exactly as you need it, without non-transparent aggregates, actionable, daily and at a lower cost than traditional market research.

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Join the companies already anticipating the retail of the future

Sales outlets

Instantly learn about prices, promotions, content, assortment, trends, news, features and more on millions of products on a global scale and in real time.

Find out how we’re already helping companies like yours


“Flipflow allows us to react from the sales department and ensure our offer in all channels by having our assortment available and without stock-outs in any postal code in Spain. Its daily use ensures that we don’t lose sales due to stock and assortment shortages.”

“In our case we analyze the products of our categories in 45 retailers in 9 countries to have quality information that we use in competitive manufacturing trends for customers, knowing the average price per gram of many products per country and we also detect potential winner products to add to our offer”.

“We have really noticed the improved control over our recommended prices. Manually it was impossible to maintain a price corridor on so many online channels and that brought us a lot of friction. Now we detect unauthorized sales and sellers on marketplaces that cause us conflicts with our customers.”

“We can analyze our own and competitors’ price movements on a daily basis and have improved our revenue by adjusting prices on a daily basis in terms of pricing and promotional strategy.”

“This is definitely the future of retail. Flipflow gives us an improvement in the quality and structure of the information and considerable savings over traditional market research from well-known consulting firms that sell aggregate data without detail including information we don’t need.”

“Flipflow is core to us in setting prices on a daily basis for more than 60,000 SKUs and maintaining our automatic repricing system in a very competitive industry.”

Implementation & support

It’s okay if you don’t control everything.
We can help you.

  • Implementation in a few weeks and without the need to involve your technical team.
  • Onboarding sessions with dedicated Account Manager to get Flipflow configured to your needs.
  • Always attentive support from your Account Manager in case of doubts and questions.

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